Divorce Mediation Services

The faster, affordable alternative to litigation.

We can help you settle your divorce with dignity, control, and fairness, at a fraction of what you would spend in court.

Why  mediation is the sensible choice.


Ide Katims, PH.D.
Principal Mediator, HVDM

Your Divorce Can be Fast, Affordable and Legally Binding

 with less emotional stress

We can help you decide

Couple sitting in a stalemate.

We can guide you through a supportive process where everyone wins. 

With over 18 years of experience in divorce, separation, and parenting mediation, mediator Ide Katims can help you come to a satisfactory settlement with your spouse that both of you will find acceptable.

The best options for you

Flip chart illustrating options for divorce mediation

Avoiding a court battle will save each side 25-50K in legal fees. 

That’s the reality, but... Your breakup doesn’t have to deplete your savings. The cost savings of mediation will aid you in your transition towards living separately.

For the good of your family

Mother and child in close embrace.

YOU can be the one to decide when you see your children, not the judge. 

Divorce can be rough on children and a long custody battle takes its toll on everyone. Custody mediation shields your child from more conflict.

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